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killing two people, critically injuring dozens more. the ntsb has arrived and we have the latest. >>> it's considered one of the safest airlines in the world and chances are you've flown on one. what do we know and more importantly, how did passengers escape. we'll have details. >> passengers are sharing their stories of survival with us. >> for myself, i was hurting but not too bad. i opened the door. >> straight ahead, eyewitnesses share what they saw. more on that. "fox & friends" begins right now. everyone. we begin today with a news alert. we're following the horror on the runway in san francisco asiana airlines flight carrying 307 people crash landed. >> this morning two people from china are dead, 182 hurt, several in critical condition in area hospitals. the crash was witnessed by people all around the san francisco bay. >> the minutes that followed that crash were chaotic and frantic, as you can imagine. firefighters rush to the scene and passengers and witnesses describe the terrifying moment. >> international airport on a plane 777. >> we've got a large plane well involved in
. and we have just been told by ntsb they hope to release the runway tonight. although it's going to take some time to clear all the debris from the runway. we also learned this afternoon as you mentioned, first the pilots did not order that an evacuation would be ordered. it took 90 seconds before they would begin evacuates. because at first they did not realize how bad the crash was. 12 flight attendants on board flight 214. rescuers credit their quick action with helping to save 307 lives. >> as the evacuation went on, the fire did continue and the flight attendants and flight crew were involved in trying to fight the fire on the inside. >> reporter: three flight attendants were ejected from the rear of the plane on impact. one sustained massive head injuries, the other a broken leg. a first officer in a 747 waiting to take off on the same runway after flight 214 landed described the crash and then two survivors stumbling but moving. i saw one survivor stand up, walk a few feet, then appear to squat down. the other appeared to be a woman and was walking and then fell off to her side an
piece ended up in san francisco bay and the ntsb has wrapped up a news conference within the hour. we go live now to san francisco for the latest. let's start with the first responders that one of the 16-year-old victims was hit by a fire truck. how was that shaking out? >> reporter: wendy, they have discussed this in two different news conferences today the first responders held a news conference a few hours ago and said they acknowledge that they had heard about this and that it had gone up the chain of command, that they were investigating it but hadn't made any determinations as to what exactly happened out there on that chaotic runway. the other mention of that was from the ntsb who said the coroner has not been able to determine cause of death on either one of those two teenage girls, whether she was, one of them was struck by a vehicle or not and whether that would be the cause of death in the eventuality. >> there's a report one of the four pilots is the least experienced in flying this 777. did the ntsb talk about that? >> reporter: they did. he's had 43 hours in that particular
on the investigation today. jennifer? >> reporter: jim, pat, the ntsb hopes to speak with all four pilots who were on board that plane as they look in their investigation into what went wrong. >> at the terminal we rounded the terminal and all you could see was dark smoke billowing up to the sky and you could see the plane on its belly. so we just rushed, went right straight to it. >> reporter: help came fast to survivors. first responders overwhelmed by number of people able to help themselves before they cleared the plane. >> i was satisfied. i was happy. i felt like there was nobody left on that plane. >> reporter: there were two fatalities the airport's deputy fire chief acknowledged reports one of the two teenage girls killed in the crash may have been struck by an emergency vehicle on the nway. >> there was a possibility that one of our two fatalities might have been contacted by one of our apparatus at an unknown point during the incident. >> it went conclusive so we really need to work and talk with people, conduct additional interviews and let the coroner do their work. >> reporter: the c
the ntsb last night. there was no mechanical or engine problems reported. the pilot indicated no issues on the flight data recorder or on the cockpit voice recorder. and they aborted landing, it was tried -- an aborted landing was tried at the last second. the ntsb says asiana 214 was going slower than the recommended speed for landing. the ntsb also says the asiana tried to speed up right before the crash. >> the approach speed was 137 knots. and the question was whether or not we had the lowest speed that the crew achieved. i will tell you that the speed was significantly below 137 knots. and we're not talking about a few knots. >> 291 passengers, again, or on the asiana flight 214. that includes two chinese teenagers sitting in the back of the plane. they were thrown out of the plane. they were killed at the scene. there's an investigation today as to whether one of these teenagers was possibly hit by one of the emergency vehicles responding to the scene. obviously it was a chaotic scene right when the accident first took place and the emergency crews were responding. the passengers
resurfaced. the wreckage was pulled from the water last week and the ntsb is still investigating trying to determine the cause of the crash. geoghan was piloting the plane. his funeral will be held on friday at the evangelical presbyterian church in annapolis and a second one in ocean pines on saturday. >>> a volatile situation is making it impossible to search in this weekend's deadly train disaster in quebec. the company that runs this believes a le comotive shutdown might have released the train's air brakes that were supposed to hold the train in place. the remaining tanker hasn't been stabilized. >> get out of there. >> at least five people died and more than three dozen are still missing. the explosion and fire destroyed some 30 buildings. now crews are trying to contain 20,000 gallons of crude oil and some of it has reached the nearby town and there are fears this could flow right into the st. louis river alt the way to quebec city and we -- all the way to quebec city and we brought you the details as soon as we got word. you can get the latest breaking news anytime by following
a flight attendant. and tonight the ntsb released new vidvideo, one of the closes views we have seen of the wreckage. investigators revealed information based on interviews with three of the four pilots aboard the flight. we now know two other flight attendants survived despite something being flown from the plane when the tail clipped the sea wall and broke off. the landing gear hit the sea wall first before the tail did and the instructing pilot said he thought the plane's auto t t throttle was set to maintain the spied for a safe landing, but it wasn't. here's a cockpit view of what the pilots might have seen before the crash. this is from a 747 that made a same approach on that runway. as for whether saturday's crash was due to mechanical error or pilot error shs the ntsb say there is won't be any answers before the crash scene is cleared. >> we will not determine probable cause while we are here on scene. that will come after we have collected all of the information and analyzed it. i would really encourage all of you to be very cautious about speculating on the cause of the cr
the plane's auto throttle. that's the word from the head of the ntsb. the aircraft came in too low and too slowly clipping landing gear and breaking off its tail. two passengers were killed. >> police are saying that deadly train derailment in canada may have been a the work of a criminal. a inspector said there is evidence of tampering. 15 people are dead and 50 more are still missing from saturday's disaster. >> and only on 7 this morning, plenty of metro riders hoping for a smoother commute this morning after a train went down the wrong tracks for the second time in just a week. now, both incidents involved orange line trains from the rosslyn station that mistakenly wound up at the arlington national cemetery station at the blue line. jay korff was the first on the scene and had an exclusive interview with one woman on that train. >> anxiety and frustration on the platform at the rosslyn metro station tuesday during the evening rush when the orange line train went down the wrong tracks. >> people were annoyed and frustrated and i heard people grumbling saying this isn't the first time t
taking off and landing behind me of asiana flight 214 that's still sitting there on the tarmac as ntsb investigators are looking at the wreckage trying to figure out what went wrong. >> you can see the plane was on its belly. so we just, we just rushed, went right straight to it. >> help came fast to survivors of this deadly crash landing saturday. first responders overwhelmed by number of people able to help themselves before they cleared the plane. >> i was satisfied. i was -- i was happy. i felt like there was -- there was nobody left on that plane. >> reporter: there were two fatif fatalities. >> one of the two might have been contacted by our apparatus. >> we need to work, conduct interviews and let the coroner do their work. >> reporter: the coroner has not determined the cause of death for that victim. investigators are sift through what remains of the boeing 777. the current focus of investigators is on the low air speed. >> about three seconds prior to impact the flight data recorder recorded its lowest speepd of 103 knots. >> reporter: also under scrutiny the pilot's experien
, thank you. >> now the latest on the plane crash in san francisco. the ntsb is giving us a clear picture of what was going on inside the cockpit when the flight went down to. today we learned more about the four pilots on board. jennifer davis has the latest from san francisco international. >> during two days of questioning, the pilots of asiana flight 214 that automatic throttled -- not tells were set properly but the plane slowed. >> one sat in the cabin with passengers and crew and the other three together in the cockpit with the trainee pilot on the left and his instructor in the right seat. >> he reported this was his first trip as an instructor pilot. this was the first time that he and the flying pilot that he was instructing had flown together. >> asiana airlines says the pilot was certified as a trainer last month. teams of federal investigators are combing through the fuselage inside and out tnt s.b. chair walking the debris wall -- ntsb chair. >> you can see aircraft parts, galley materials, newspapers, magazines, and flooring. >> meantime asiana c.e.o. mobbed by the media at
the ntsb as the plane approached the runway he noticed it was flying at a slower speed than what the pilots had programmed on what's known as the auto throttle. >> at about 500 feet he realized that they were low. he told the pilot to pull back. >> the plane's landing gear hit the seawall at the end of the runway first, then the tail struck it and broke off. survivors say they had little warning. >> last couple of seconds before it happened the engines reved into high gear. then the back end just lifted up, jolted everybody in their seats. >> two flight attendants were ejected from the rear of the plane. their were found injured but alive on the runway. investigators are now working to obtain the passenger manifest to determine who sat where and what injuries they sustained. >> 33 people remain in the hospital from that crash. 7 of them are in critical condition. >>> canadian police have opened a criminal investigation into the fiery derailment of run away oil tank cars that killed 15 people and destroyed much of a small town. dozens of people are still missing and authorities believe some
the ntsb. before leaving south korea, he personally apologized to the families of the two chinese teenagers killed in that plane crash. he met them at an airport near seoul and bowed to them. one of the fathers was visibly upset with him. the two girls were part of a group that planned to attend summer camps at universities in california. now, the visit comes as the ntsb hopes to shed more light today on the pilots in control of flight 214 including what they were doing as much as 72 hours before the crash. nbc's danielle leigh in san francisco for us again this morning where investigators are back out on that runway again. danielle, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. and investigators will be returning to the runway behind me again this morning as they continue to look for clues about those final moments. and we've got some new video that really paints a picture of the chaos just after the crash. you can see those emergency slides being sent out of the plane. people exiting the smoking plane, trying to get to safety. and you know, it was just after those moments that emergency
slowly as it tried to land in san francisco on saturday. the ntsb says the pilot at the controls was only halfway through his training on the boeing 777 and was landing that plane in san francisco for the very first time. the ntsb also says all four pilots on the plane thought the auto throttle was controlling the air speed but it had not been activated. we also learned that two flight attendants were ejected from the plane on impact. they were found injured but alive on the tarmac. >>> canadian police opened a criminal investigation into the fiery crash of a runaway oil train that killed at least 15 people and destroyed much of a small town. dozens of people are still missing and authorities believe some may be buried in the burned out wreckage. police have ruled out terrorism but say they had discovered elements during their investigation that could lead to criminal charges. >>> congress is taking up immigration reform again today. house republicans are meeting to discuss how they want to proceed on the issue. the senate has already passed an immigration reform bill with bipartisan supp
vegas. at this point, no more information is being released on the status of the grounded plane. ntsb investigators are searching -- are questioning eyelets on the asiana flight that crashed in san francisco. >> donna, investigators are searching -- are questioning the pilots and control of the lane. the dumb's family -- victims' families want to know what happened. he landed in san francisco against the wreckage of one of the fleet. earlier, the airline president issued apologies to the parents of the two girls killed in last week's crash. the girls who died were part of a middle school trip. these survivors are being united with their children. ntsb investigators are interviewing cabin crew about the chaos that followed the crash landing. >> as soon as i heard emergency escape, i inducted the evacuation. >> there are two interviews with information from the cockpit data recorder. >> the pilots are providing great information in terms of what was going on. isthe pilot at the controls being debriefed today. the question of failure to communicate based on deference to seniority may pla
. melanie woodrow is near the crash site. melanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ntsb's chairman had said the interviews were supposed to take place yesterday. but ntsb investigators decided to wait for their korean counterparts to arrive to conduct the interviews today. three days later, we still have not heard from the pilot at the controls when flight 214 crashed. the focus into the investigation of the crash of asiana flight 214 shifts to the cockpit today. all four pilots will be interviewed to investigate what they were doing in the homes leading up to the crash. >> we're going to get a lot more details about their activities. about their work, about their training. about who was the pilot flying. who was the pilot in command in the cockpit at the time of the accident. >> reporter: preliminary investments show the plane was flying too low and about 40 miles per hour slower than needed for landing. >> it's hard for a professional aviator to understand why they could get so low and so slow before they got to the runway. >> reporter: another investigation is under way. this on
the head of the ntsb revealed wednesday that doors on the plane were not opened until about 90 seconds after the plane had come to a full stop. we also learned that one of the pilots told investigators that he saw a flash of light while trying to land the plane and was temporarily blinded. 20 of the victims remain hospitalized. now, as they returned to south korea, other members of this crew wished recovering passengers all well. >> i hope for all the families who have suffered losses from this accident to recover as quickly as possible and they're all in my prayers. >> now to explosive train derailment in quebec. 30 people missing are presumed dead. he previously suggested that firefighters may have been responsible for shutting off the air brakes of some of the cars. but yesterday, he said that the disaster was likely called by operator error. >> this was a failure of the brakes. it's very questionable whether the brakes, the hand brakes were properly applied on this train. as a matter of fact, i would say, they weren't, or we wouldn't have had this incident. i don't think any employ
in san francisco over the weekend. two people were killed, dozens more were injured. the ntsb is just wrapping up a news conference right now where investigators report that there was a post-crash fire in one of the engines. somehow an oil tank ruptured leaking fuel on to the hot engine. >> when you get down to the seawall, you can identify where the first strikes took place. first the main landing gear impacted the seawall and then the tail. investigators will also be documenting the seating compartment to figure out what it calls a survivability analysis. >>> the air force is pulling a brochure on prevents sexual assault after a lawmaker questioned some of its advice. the letter was circulated at a south carolina base today. it subjects that women submit to an attack -- suggests that women submit to the attack than resist it. it was rejected in may when it was included in a series of steps the pentagon was taking to address military sex assaults. she says the pentagon reviewed the letter and agreed with her concerns. gllz white house jay carng any says the u.s. will not make a quick
. the ntsb says it pilot's twice called for the landing to be aborted seconds before the crash. they expressed concern about the plane's speed. airport officials say they expect the wreckage to be removed by tomorrow. the runway at san francisco international will be reopened by sunday. people have been landing there for days snapping pictures as they land there. >>> a colorado highway reopened after a river of mud swept away cars, trapped dozens of drivers. this is near colorado springs. that is a river of mud. we showed you amazing pictures yesterday. a video journalist caught had his camera rolling. listen. >> oh, my god. [ bleep ] wow. [ bleep ]. >> remarkably, all the -- >> can you imagine having the presence of mind to film and how scared you must be? >> i'm watching the other cars, is he trying to get out? what is he doing? more rain is expected in the area this weekend. unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable. chad myers with more on the weather. what do things look like for the weekend? >> good for the northeast, great for us, but i don't get to stay here. i go home to atl
francisco. bigad shaban with more on the ntsb's focus today. >> reporter: investigators are not only working to determine a cause of the crash, but also whether a second accident may have led to the death of one of the teenage passengers. >> reporter: for passengers, flying into san francisco international airport, the wreckage of asiana flight 214 is a difficult site to miss. investigators are interviewing all four pilots on board. including the man reportedly at the controls when the plane made a crash-landing. according to asiana airlines, he's logged close to 10,000 hours on air but only 43 hours on this type of plane at this airport. >> when we interview those four crewmembers, we're going to get a lot more details about their activities, about their work, about training, about who was the pilot flying, who was the pilot in command? >> reporter: data recovered from two flight recorders shows the plane came in too low and too slow before it hit a retaining wall on a runway. passenger levy thought the landing was being aborted. >> i thought we were going back up. but we went back down aga
training as questions arise over what caused flight 214 to crash. phil lebeau is on the ground with ntsb chairman deborah hersman. phil? >> thank you. i'm joined by deborah hersman. quickly bring me up to speed where you are in terms of your ability to talk with the pilots of asiana 214 and what have you learned so far? >> well, the good news is we have been able to conduct about half of the interviews. two of four conducted yesterday. it was a long day. we got really good information. they took a little bit longer than anticipated because of some of the translation issues. we hope to interview the remaining two crew members today including the flying pilot. >> so you have yet to talk to the pilot actually at the controls at this point? >> that's right. we hope to do that today but we have been getting excellent cooperation and we expect it to continue. >> do you expect to reach a conclusion, an initial conclusion by the end of today when you do the update for the media? >> well, i think we'll probably provide factual information and if there's anything that we can rule out we will ident
're trying to keep her alive. >> reporter: the ntsb says the pilots waited 90 seconds before ordering passengers to evacuate, not realizing how bad the crash was. the tower was already sending fire rescue. >> two minutes after the crash the first emergency response vehicle arrived on scene. >> reporter: back at the crash scene late wednesday evening survivors and family members were escorted to the remains of flight 214 for a final look and to remember the two young girls who died. meanwhile, the seat belts inside asiana 777 are now getting special attention. >> if i did not have one more strap around my chest i probably would hit the ceiling on the plane. that's how hard it was. >> reporter: some of the passengers sitting in asiana's business class seats had three-point seat belts similar to those used in cars, while passengers sitting in economy had only traditional lap belts. during the crash, doctors say many of those passengers were violently folded over their seat belts, then snapped back again, causing serious internal and spinal injuries. orthopedic surgeon dr. gary brezina ha
viewers what the ntsb chairman had to say at a press briefing yesterday in the middle of this ongoing investigation about the experience of the pilot. [video clip] pilot is aructor captain. heath reported to our investigators that the total flight time is 13,000 hours. he estimated he had about 3000 hours in the 777. his total pilot in command time was about 10,000 hours. he had been in the korean air force for 10 years. he reported that this was his first trip as an instructor pilot. stated thator pilot he was the pilot in command. he was sitting in the right seat. host: what did you hear there from the ntsb chairman about the experience of the pilot? guest: the experience of the pilot matters because like anything you get better with skill. the more you fly in a particular type of aircraft, the better skills you have. this is the person in the right seat. he was the instructor. the pilot in command is the instructor. what they said next was just shocking and that this was his first flight as an instructor. good instructors are not warned, they are made --are not born, they are made.
fireworks next week. >> thank you so much. >>> a san francisco bay area tv station and the ntsb have found themselves in the center of a controversy following a racially comment. the ntsb is admitting it was the source after a fake list of crew members that mocked asian names. >> the ntsb came forward after the bay area station apologized for that air and the offensive names. we want to warn you that some of what you're about to hear includes incensensitive languag >> reporter: it all started add late breaking development in the noon broadcast. >> we just learned the names of the four pilots on board the flight. they are captain sum ting wong. witu lo the ntsb has confirmed these are the names of the pilots. >> reporter: the offensive names and the obvious hoax spread quickly on the internet and witness minutes the station realized the offensive error. >> we apologize for this. >> reporter: cited they had been confirmed. >> we made a mistake. >> reporter: late friday the agency released a statement said they were inact and a summer intern confirmed the name. they said actions would be take
flight 214. the ntsb says the first internal call among the pilots about aborting the landing came three seconds before the crash and a second call was made 1 1/2 seconds before impact. also, questions about a mysterious bright light in the eyes of the pilot. south korean media began asking about it yesterday. here's what the chair of the national transportation safety board, deborah hersman, said about it. >> the pilot stated he saw a bright source of light. neither of the other two pilots identified the source of light. it was not discussed on the cvr. the pilot that saw the light stated that he did not believe that it affected his vision and he was able to see the cockpit instruments. >> cvr is the cockpit voice recorder. cnn's rene marsh is here with a closer look at this woman, deborah hersman. she's been getting a lot of attention and we asked you to look at her and tell us a little bit about her. >> you've seen her. she's been all over national tv as a result of the crash investigation, but if you're not part of the aviation or transportation circle, you may not know that much abo
yesterday. the cause of crash is still sti under investigation. back in the states the ntsb officials in san francisco say pilot in control of boeing 777 flight was only halfway through thinks boeing 777 training.inin three other pilots were on board with him but it was the first time the instructor pilot and training p pilot flew together. the pilots claim the plane's automatic controls were set to proper landing speed but the plane slowed down upon landing. the c.e.o. has aarrived in san francisco to meet with investigators.in >> new allegationsve facingg virginia governor bob mcdonnell about gifts he received but did not disclose. >> tropical storm chantal is turn churning toward the east coast. tucker? >> warm and humid conditions toc start your day. it's really humid and really warm. we'll talk about your forecast for your wednesday. w we'll look at chantal and juliee has traffic coming up after the break. >> right now tropical storm chantal is nearing land in the caribbean. it's expected to make landfall in the dominican republic and ad haiti today.hait it's in effect for puerto rico,r
lower went down. now the speed continued to drop until the plane basically stalled. the ntsb says there were no system warnings of a stall until just four seconds before the crash. we'll have to await the results of the interviews with the pilots to see if their actions played any role in the crash. although much has been made about the fact that the pilot at the controls was making his first attempt at landing a 777 into sfo. at the live desk, i'm jim handly. >>> hundreds of children and parents in northern virginia are remembering a baltimore rachbts cheerleader who was killed -- ravens cheerleader who was killed in a crash. his legacy will be felt far from the football field. >> reporter: mar keepa campbell cheers at infinity all stars practice in fairfax, praying tribute to her coach, 27-year-old dion bagby. he died in a motorcycle crash in frederick, maryland, friday, and recently became a cheerleader with the baltimore ravens. >> it's just really heartbreaking to know that he died. >> reporter: moments later her mother gives her a hug. >> he was like a big brother to her. >>
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. the flying pilot reported being blinded temporarily by a bright light during the landing. the ntsb is unclear what the bright light was. >> we all know this one. obama care is certainly struggling. they are announcing this as an opportunity to delay or dismantle it. >> elizabeth pran has more. >> house republicans argue it just makes sense. if the white house is delaying the implementation for employers in terms of the employer mandate or the penalty it makes sense perhaps more so to delay the same for individuals. republicans predict the delay to put an even greater burden on the families. >> today i was joined by my republican colleagues urging him to permanently to delay the implementation by all americans. it is far past time to start listening to concerns of americans and less opportunities. jay carney has no intention of delaying the mandates. the affordable care act provide low income aid to families and is a flexible plan. >> people who suggested if there is anything unusual about delaying the deadline indication of a complex and comprehensive law are deliberately sticking their heads
of thatth asia plane crash in san francisco. the ntsb says only seconds sa before impact did the captainys realize an automated throttle was not controlling the place of business' speed, it was onlys this a ready position and it ha not been engaged. the it revealed that the pilot at training in the controls was sitting next to a man in his hi first trip as a instructor pilot. pilot. the impact was so harsh that two high lotpilots were tucked intoi of plane inside they they at an time provide any details but but ruled out terrorism, i 50 peoplp are still missing. >>> if you drive a pickup o or n suv, you better watch out. >>> we will tell you what happened to a man who while waiting for a metro train.  it's kind of hot. but it's not too hot. bingo. try dunkin's new hot & spicy breakfast sandwich with jalapeÑo and habanero peppers. taste what's hot today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> all right, welcome pack to fox 5 morning news. ne time now 6:15 coming up on 6:15, that's your favorite shot, isn't it, sarah. >> it is, it's so pretty.pr >> it looks like a postcard.like >> f
: for now the ntsb and fire crew airport is waiting for the coroner to determine the cause of death. deat >> as of this time because we have not established thosehose facts, we cannot answer your question. >> reporter: federal investigators are very rude the surveillance rid t video to seef of the victims was run over byey an emergency vehicle, but it's inconclusive. jennifer davis, fox news. >>> tonight egypt is plungingpli further into chaos after clashel between the muslim brotherhood and the military that toppled the democratically elected president. either side is watching and urging calm.. we are there with the latest. >> reporter: deeper and darker battle lines emerge in in egypt as the muslim battle hood calls on the to call on military as they removed morsi from power. this after, clashes between soldiers in kiro, the cairo, iss attacked the building, at least if i are dead50 are dead, repore than 300 injured.00 >> i don't think the muslim brotherhood armed with thistics, and stones is going to be any ay match for the egyptian army.my. what i'm worried is that they join forces
an accident but the ntsb said those rules do not apply to pilots licensed in foreign countries. >> let's talk about the weather today. repeat? we just pushing the repeat button? >> pretty much. overall the day is looking a lot like yesterday in terms of the cloud cover, in terms of chances of rain but our timing is going to be pushed back a little bit today i think compared to yesterday. we started early in the morning with showers pulling in from the west and i think we'll hold off till later this morning before we start to see a little bit of the sprinkles and light showers pushing in. so let's -- feels like it, yeah, you can feel it, warm and muggy and humid this morning. 78 degrees is our temperature with a dew point at 73 so that's very high. you know, the dew point, the maybe of the moisture in the atmosphere, most people start feeling uncomfortable in the 60s, we've got 73 already this morning, so kind of weather you can wary like to call it. 73 in frederick, 75 in hearingstown, temperature in martinsburg 75, 75 at dulles as well and your temperature in lexington park very warm at 77 d
, moron what the hell are you doing? get your nose up. >> stephanie: the ntsb chairwoman yesterday. >> we're now going to be looking at flight data recorder information to validate parameters, things like the auto throttles. >> that means nothing. what does that mean? >> that they would automatic -- more often than not now they land planes remotely. >> stephanie: some of that equipment wasn't work at sfo. it was under repair. >> a lot of people don't get as much practice slamming planes as they should. >> stephanie: for those of you who don't speak plane like chris and i, it would be as if robert hayes cannot blow up the auto pilot. >> via the tube. >> stephanie: auto was under construction. okay. this is in the "l.a. times." this is where i learned -- i had a tutorial. would you like one? cockpit actions of asiana crash scrutinized. investigators focus on why the copilots of asiana airplanes flight 214 didn't discuss their predicament. that's what everybody -- obviously they already have the cockpit recordings and it was -- that's what was -- there's like nothing. they're not even talkin
crash happened will reopen. the ntsb releasing this dramatic new picture showing the plane's burned out cabin. there is no evidence of mechanical problems with the plane putting the focus on the investigation of the pilot. >>> brand-new d.n.a. evidence blazing a cold case open at this hour. d.n.a. taken from the final boston strangler victim shows a family match with edward desalvo. he confessed to the murders but later recanted and was never convicted. >> didn't know nor did my mother know other people were living with the memory as well. it is amazing to me today to understand that people really did care about what happened to my aunt. >>gretchen: investigators will he exhume desalvo. >>> one of the girls hurt in the parasailing accident is out of the hospital. she will continue rehab at her home. the other young woman will remain hospitalized and undergo reconstructive surgery to repair fractures in her face. the two girls sailed into a balcony after their parasail broke free. >>steve: let's talk about the george zimmerman trial. it looks as if the jury will wind up with the case by
costello is in san francisco. good morning to you. >> good morning, the ntsb talked to two of the four pilots on board including the pilot at the controls and who was just gaining experience. the ntsb wants to know about the three days prior to the crash. how much sleep did they get? how much duty time did they have? anybody sick? anybody on medications? anybody distracted? we're also hearing from rescuers and flight attendants about the day on saturday. >> reporter: rarely do crash investigators get to see the actual violent moments of a plane crash and the immediate aftermath as the emergency shoots deemploy and panicked passengers run for their lives. as airport fire rescue crews begin attacking the fire with foam, city fire crews were coming in behind them to help. >> at that point, i went to a third alarm and declared a red alert. >> reporter: that means mass causalities. she was among the first firefighters to get inside the plane, fight the fire and search for victims. >> we had somebody that was partially trapped. as it turns out, there was a small person stuck between the seat
today. they've completed -- >>> welcome to "politicsnation." we are monitoring the ntsb press conference in san francisco tonight. but we start with a big day in the george zimmerman trial. tonight's lead, the scene of the altercation today. with the defense getting ready to rest tomorrow, focus in the zimmerman murder trial was on the fateful moment of struggle right before mr. zimmerman killed martin. who was the aggressor. who's life was in danger. all playing to the key question, did george zimmerman have a right to self-defense to kill trayvon martin? today the defense called a forensic pathologist to the stand who supported zimmerman's claim that martin was on top. >> this indicated that the gun was not against the skin, but the clothing itself had to be 2 to 4 inches away from the body. at the time mr. martin was shot. if you lean over somebody, you will notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest. if instead you're lying on your back and somebody shoots you, the clothing is going to be against your chest. so that the fact that we know the clothing was two to four i
. that's something the ntsb is looking at. the ceo of asiana airlines has arrived here in san francisco coming in within the last half-hour, his plane flying in landing at a runway right next to the one where there is wreckage of the airplane that crashed on saturday. bill, back to you. >> phil lebeau in san francisco, thank you. two days, two wins, tomorrow another day especially with the fed looming. >> that's right. we've got a lot of focus on the release of the fed minutes tomorrow. will they cause jitters or joy. we know what the consider has been so far this year. we'll put the answer to three guests when we come back. before a credit solution was used to expand their business... before trusts were created for their grandkids' educations... they chose a partner to help manage their wealth... one whose insights, solutions, and approach have been relied on for over 200 years. that's the value of trusted connections. that's u.s. trust. wi drive a ford fusion. who is healthier, you or your car? i would say my car. probably the car. cause as you get older you start breaking down. i lov
according to the ntsb. >> if the aircraft is too low, all the lights will be red and the way we remember that is red over red you're dead. >> reporter: not working, the guide slope system, a kind of radio beacon that helps bring planes in. we are flying over san francisco and getting a good look at it right now. at the aircraft owners and pilots association in frederick members can actually use a simulator to practice landing at san francisco before they even get there. visually and on instruments. corporate pilot louise beatty said she might glance at her slide scope indicator on a clear day, but she said even without it pilots should have no problem landing safely simply by looking out the window. how big a deal would it be not to have that glide slope? >> none at all. >> reporter: no big deal? >> none at all because you would be relying on visual clues. >> reporter: the precise cause of this crash remains unanswered, but every pilot we have talked to says repairs on sfo's glide slope system should not have led to disaster. in frederick, bruce leshan, wusa9. >>> survivable events li
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